The Maine Open 2020

Welcome coaches! Thank you for your interest in the 9th Maine Open. Our games will be played in the Bangor and its surrounding communities. Our tournaments are competitive yet fun with an emphasis on sportsmanship and fair play. The level of play is high as these are the best basketball players in our state.

Get your team today! Black Bear North AAU will be hosting this event. Contact Fritz Marseille,  at 207-361-0909

Age: 5th grade, Middle School, Varsity and Varsity Elite Divisions opened to 12th graders

Gender: Boys Maine Open

Date: March 21-22, 2020


Gender: Girls Maine Open

Date: April 17-18, 2020


Price: $250 for 3 + games (multi-team discount available)


* 1 & 1 after 10 fouls only. Double bonus on/after 12 fouls.

* 5 personal fouls

* 2-20:00 halves (Running time) last 2 minutes of each half, the clock stops on the whistle

* 5 min warm-up.

* 3 min half time.

* 1st overtime 1:30 seconds.

* 2nd overtime Sudden Death.

* 3 timeouts per game.

* All personal and team fouls will be kept by the home team scorekeeper.

* Team listed first is the home team.  Home Team provides Bookkeeper.  Away Team provides Clock Keeper.

 All game will start on the scheduled time, so make sure teams are there early

Coaches & Players

Anyone receiving two technical fouls will be asked to leave the building. Anyone ejected will be asked to leave the building and will forfeit their right to coach or play the remainder of the day. We will strictly enforce this rule.


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2019 Participants

2019 Participants

3/4 Boys

Black Bear North Morrison
Lumberjacks Blue
Sting Black
Sting Yellow

Boys High School Black

BBN – Coach Fritz
BBN – Henderson
BBN White – Williams/Daashawn
BBN-MC Kingsbury
Blue Wave – Pils
Lumberjacks – Case
Lumberjacks Blue – Glaizer
Sting – Downs
Sting – Morin
YES! – Coachman

Boys Middle School Black

BBN – Coach Trey
BBN – Pinkney
BBN-MC – Wadsworth
Blue Wave Pils
Lumberjacks – Parker
Sting – Mcinnis
Team DMV
Yes! – Bracket

Boys Middle School Silver

BBN – Coach Fritz
Blue Wave – Bedard
Blue Wave – Johnson
Blue wave – Pils
Lumberjacks – Horr
Lumberjacks Blue – Savage
Sting – Abbott
Sting – Mahaney
YES! – Jared

Boys Middle School White

BBN – Henderson
BBN – MC Duke
BBN – Pinkney
BBN – Travon
Lumberjacks Red – Wyman
Sting – Brawn

Boys Youth Black

BBN-MC Elwell
Blue Wave – Johnson
Lumberjacks Gurschick
Yes! Ben

Girls High School Black

Gilman Street Surge
Maine React
Maine React – Dodge
YES! – Elg

Girls High School White

BBN – Dore
BBN – Monroe
BBN MC – Skarka
Eastern Storm
Lumberjacks – Paradis
Lumberjacks – Stream

Girls Middle School

7th Lumberjacks Blue – Dionne
7th Yes! – Hester
BBN – Dore
BBN – Monroe
BBN Black – Boles
BBN White – Boles
Lumberjacks – Paradis
Lumberjacks Green – Dionne
Lumberjacks Purple – Bragg
Lumberjacks Red – Case

Girls Youth

5th Lumberjacks Bragg
BBN Black – Fogg
BBN White – Fogg
Eastern Maine Swish
YES! – Conant