Upcoming Tournaments

The Showcase 2020

Welcome coaches! Thank you for your interest in the The Showcase (Invite Only). Our games will be played at Point Lookout Resort, 67 Atlantic Hwy, Northport, ME  04849. Our tournaments are competitive yet fun with an emphasis on sportsmanship and fair play.

Age: High School

Gender: Boys

Date: July 24-25, 2020


Price: $250 for 3 games


* 1 & 1 after 10 fouls only

* 5 personal fouls

* 2-16:00 halves

* 5 min warm-up.

* 3 min half time.

* Overtime 2:00 seconds.

* 3 timeouts per game.

 All game will start on the scheduled time, so make sure teams are there early

Coaches & Players

Anyone receiving two technical fouls will be asked to leave the building. Anyone ejected will be asked to leave the building and will forfeit their right to coach or play the remainder of the day. We will strictly enforce this rule.


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Committed Teams

The Showcase at Point Lookout

BBN Maine

Maine Elite Basketball Club

RI Elite

XL Demonds