Maine Open

The Maine Open

Welcome, coaches! Thank you for your interest in the Maine Open. Our games will be played at Hermon Schools in Hermon, Me, 04401. The Maine Open tournament is a yearly fundraiser hosted by Black Bear North. All proceeds from this event help pay for gym rentals, referee expenses, tournament expenses, travel expenses, and future lodging.

Grade: 5/6th, 7/8 and High School

Gender: Boys

Date: April 6-7, 2024


Price: $250 for 3 games, Individual Games: $80 per game


League Game Rules

  • 4-10 minute quarters running time
  • Stop time last minute each quarter.
  • 5 team fouls per quarter = double bonus. Team fouls will reset every
  • 3 timeouts for the game
  • (5/6th Graders) There will be no full-court pressure allowed in the second half once the score is beyond 20 points.
  • 5 min warm up.
  • 3 min half time.
  • Overtime Rules: first team to 5 points.

Other Rules

COACHES AND PLAYERS: Anyone receiving two technical fouls or being ejected will be asked to leave the building and will forfeit their right to coach or play the remainder of that game and the next game they are scheduled for. We will strictly enforce this rule. We welcome your enthusiasm for the game, we just ask that it is channeled appropriately.

PLAYER FOULS: Player fouls are kept and the 6 Fouls rule is in effect.

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Committed Teams

The Maine Open

Committed Teams

Maine Pride
Sting Brown
NLA Jackson
BBN Story
BBN Keenan
Team Shifty
BBN South
Sting Doty
Sting Williams
Maine Pride
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Maine Pride
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Sting Brown
BBN Jayvon
BBN South
Maine Pride

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