Boy’s Teams

2023 Black Bear North
Boy’s Teams

Congratulations to everyone who’s been selected to represent Black Bear North this AAU season. Our Middle School aged boys are listed below. Practices will be held in Hermon on Sunday evenings until we start to play. Practices will than change to midweek. There will be 5 group clinics called Basketball School that will be held on Tuesdays during the season. All dates and locations will be published soon.

Club tuition registration for coach Helms and Wilcher can be found on the following link:

If you do not have a uniform, please place your order or the links below. Uniforms will be ordered in bulk to minimize freight expenses. It also takes the uniforms and or backpacks 6-8 weeks to receive. Uniforms will be handed out at practice.

Uniform Only:

Uniform + Backpack :

Fan Gear:

BBN Coach Reed
Colby Eaton
Cyran Ciarleglio
Jahleel Joseph
James Witham
Rajon Reed
Tanner Stymiest
Tyler Corson
Ethan Curtis
Wyatt Oliver
BBN Coach Wilcher
Camden Morrison
Andrew Hart
Dylan Yeo
Bryten Hartsgrove
Jackson Smith
Landen Neumayer
Ross Philbrook
Wiley Ward
BBN Coach Helms
Hunter Mills
Tucker Hieter
Jacob Kezer
Levi Short
Samuel Jewett
Isaac Traves
Zachary Helms
Jaiden Hebert
Cameron Hanington
9th-BBN McMorrin
Mack Merrow
Zack Duffelmeyer
Spencer Maloney
Lincoln Hardy
Cameron Bubar
Ravon Carbisiero
Keegan Oneill
Landon Economy
Scott Martin
Nathaniel Carver