All Star Challenge

2022 – The 4th Annual Middle School All Star Challenge – 2022

Congratulations to everyone who has been selected to participate in the 5th Annual Middle School All Star Challenge. This event will be held on February 6 at Hermon High School. Snow date, Sunday February 13. This will be a fun and competitive way for all to gage where they stand amongst their class.

Please give yourself time to register, pick up the game shirt, meet with me and warm up for your game.

We are looking forward to seeing everyone for another great event, If you have any questions feel free to email me at

Game Time:

100:00 6th grade girls

11:00 6th grade boys

12:00 7th grade girls

  1:00 7th grade boys

  2:00 8th grade girls

  7:00 8th grade boys

(10:00 am) 6th Grade Girls
Abbie Bradstreet (Corinna)
Quinn Andrews (Bangor)
Marlaina Roberts (Orrington)
Georgie Stephenson(Bangor)
Austyn Atherton (Ellsworth)
Kennedy Clifford (Ellsworth)
Naia Studley (Hampden)
Kamynn Wadsworth (Belfast)
Emjae Wilcher (Orono)
Izzy Krummel ( Winterport)
Madison Sinclair (Orono)
Ella Waston (Bass Harbor)
Addy Dowsland (Southwest Harbor)
Moriah Emerson (Bangor)
Ella Higgins (Hampden)
Grace Haskell (Hampden)
Chloe Watson (Hampden)
Mabel Hawkes (Hampden)
Olivia Breen (Rockland)

(11:00 am) 6/7th Grade Boys
Gavin Hughes (Bangor)
Bryan Sinclair (Brewer)
Levi Scripture (Carmel)
Leonel Despacho (Portland)
Nate ODonnell (Bangor)
Casey Kull (Bangor)
Kaden Good (Hermon)
Alonzo Hoose II (Vinalhaven)
Dominic Caso (Hermon)
Camron Lay (Newport)
Jacoby Harvey (Bangor)
Daxton Gifford (Bangor)
Alex Tennett (Bangor)
Carter Corson (Gray)

(12:00 pm) 7th Grade Girls
Sydney Mason (Lamoine)
Camryn Clough (Ellsworth)
Calleigh Trenholm (Lamoine)
Brooklynn Raymond (Howland)
Thea Laukka (Hope)
Eve Wiles (Glenburn)
Katelyn Adams (Hampden)
Lenora Curtis (PI)
Cailin Chase (Steuben)
Abby Giroux (Durham)
Abbey Steele (Gray)
Emily Caulkins (Glenburn)
Hope Fontaine (Auburn)
Kyelin Atherley (Bangor)
Aubrey Shaw (Hampden)
Zoe Higgins (Hampden)

(1:00 pm) 7th Grade Boys
Camden Morrison (Hermon)
Ethan Curtis (Hermon)
Carter Corson (Gray)
Kaiden Carrell (Scarborough)
Ben Ferris (Scarborough)
Leonel Despacho (Portland)
Joseph James Carlo (Portland)
Alonzo Hoose II (Vinalhaven)
Wyatt Oliver (Hogdon)
Colby Eaton (Blue Hill)
Cyran Ciarleglio (Orient)
James Witham (Bar Harbor)
Rajon Reed (Bangor)
Clark Ewell (Union)
Gavin Kealiher (Levant)
Tylor Corson (Levant)

(2:00 pm) 8th Grade Girls
Mary Allen (Corinth)
Gabby Chassee (Brewer)
Julianna Sprague (Searsport)
Leah Jones (Hope)
Maddy Provost (Albion)
Taylor Loring (Old Town)
Ashley Shores (Benton)
Lila Cummings (Howland)
Addison Cyr (Lincoln)
Elizabeth Boles (Ellsworth)
Kaylee Bagley (Ellsworth)
Grace Laster (Hampden)
Megan House (Lincoln)
Jillian Ford (Orrington)
Rylee Moulton (Howland)
Emily Groves (Dunham)
Zoe Higgins (Hampden)

(7:00 pm) 8th Grade Boys
Sawyer Worster (Hampden)
Cooper Mitchell (Ellsworth)
Nolan Ames (Camden)
Miles Shain (Hampden)
Dawson Curtis (Ellsworth)
Brody Hurd (Orrington)
Cameron Mathews (Machias)
Mason Studley (Hampden)
Carter Wiggin (Carmel)
Adam Fitzgerald (Skowhegan)
Elliot Straubel (Hermon)
Wesley Bragg Levant)
Harry Fitzpatrick (Bangor)
Seth Bowden (Corinna)
Mason Kinney (Hermon)
Harry Louis (Bingham)
Spencer Maloney (Unity)
Fisher Tewksbury (Bingham)

mailing address:

70 Hermon Heights
Hermon Maine 04401 phone: 207-631-0909