Spring Package 

Athletes will be using new uniforms during the 2022 Spring Season.  New reversible uniforms need to be ordered by first of February to ensure receipt prior to the first tournament.

  • Uniforms + backpack are sold separately, no refunds.
  • Top of the line reversible uniform + backpack $175

Reversible Uniform + Backpack


Spring Club Team’s individual Tuition: 

The First Tournament will be the weekend of March 25-26 and lasts for 5 weekends. 2 to 3 games per weekend are guaranteed unless weather interferes

  • Maine Hoops
  • Zero Gravity
  • Southern Maine

2023 Instate Club Team Member Tuition

New England Team’s Individual Tuition:
8th Grade BBN-Reed

New England Team (Tuition-Registration) BBN-Reed

National Exposure Team’s Individual Tuition:
High School Exposure League


2023 BBN National Team (Tuition Registration) Black Bear North – Fritz

Club Membership includes:

One practice per week. *One the Basketball School per week (Clinic).

*Discounts on individual lessons.
*Uniforms and shooting shirts are sold separately, no refunds.

The Showcase Team Selection: If you are invited to be part of the Showcase teams, you will be traveling out of state on most weekends.


Fall or Summer League Package

League play naturally lasts for 5 weekends with 1 makeup weekend. 2 games per weekend and 10 games are guaranteed, unless weather or other sources interferes.

  • Black Bear Events
  • Local Areas
  • Central Maine

League (Fall/Summer/League) Membership Registration