Club Registration

The Spring Season Membership Cost: $375 you will end up paying $420 after tournament fees are paid.
*The Spring season begins on March 25 and lasts for 5/6 weekends. 2 games per weekend are guaranteed, unless weather interferes.

The Fall Season Membership Cost: $200

Club Membership includes:
*One 1 hour and 20 minute practice per week in the Bangor area.
*During the 5 weeks, members are eligible to participate in the Basketball School.
*Discounts on individual lessons through The Basketball School.

Where will games be played?
*Club teams will be playing games in Bangor, Southern Maine and out of state.

Tournament and game fees:
*Each team member will pay for out of state tournaments fees separately. Example, If the cost for a tournament is $450, individuals on a team of 10 players will each pay $45.

Each team will wear the official BBN uniform

The Elite Team Selection:
Selection will be made anytime during the year. If you are invited to be part of an Elite level team, you will be traveling out of state on most weekends (except Easter and Mother’s Day weekends). The Elite season runs from March – July. The Elite team will also participate during April and July’s live period.