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Please take note:

BBN Events proudly presents our Inaugural Middle school/High school Summer League @ Penobscot Christian School in Bangor and at the Point Lookout Event Center in Northport Maine.

Middle School predominantly at PCS, High School at the Point Lookout Event Center.

Games will be played Mondays through Fridays in the late afternoon and evenings. Teams will receive 10 games followed by playoffs. Teams do not have to be school teams, but first preference will go to those teams.

League Fee $575

We do offer a multiple team discount.

If you just wish to play individual games and not join the league, there will be a $75 per game fee. Keep in mind that first game priorities will go to league teams.

Please realize that we’ve gotten a lot of interest. There will be a cap on the number of teams participating. Please contact us at if interested.


Summer League Rules

  • Game Rules:
  • 2-20 min running time halves,
  • Stop time last 3 minutes each half.
  • 7 fouls One and One. 10 fouls Double bonus.
  • There will be no full court pressure allowed once the score is beyond 20 points.
  • 5 min warm up. 
  • 3 min half time.
  • 2 minute – Stop time. After two overtimes, Sudden Win – First team to score 2 points wins. 
  • 2 – 60 second and 2 – 30 second timeouts per game. 

Coaches and player mask rule – Coach and players are not required to wearing a mask while on the bench.

Other Rules

1. 5th Grade Division Rule.  No Zone defenses in the 1st Half. 

3. Basketball Size 28.5 for Girls and Boys grades 5-6.

COACHES AND PLAYERS: Anyone receiving two technical fouls or being ejected will be asked to leave the building and will forfeit their right to coach or play the remainder of that game and the next game they are scheduled for. We will strictly enforce this rule. We welcome your enthusiasm for the game, we just ask that it is channeled appropriately.

PLAYER FOULS: Player fouls are kept and 6 Fouls rule is in effect. A player will be allowed to continue only if the team would be shorthanded without him/her


5 reviews for BBN Summer League

  1. Jessica Giles

    First time participant! Looking forward to the program!

  2. Patty sprague

    Very organized give a 5

  3. Rhonda Smith

    First time Participating.

  4. Michelle Reed

    Love this program!! Looking forward to a great season.

  5. Christine Violette

    I am looking for opportunities for my daughter. She is in 8th grade and will be going into high school next year. Thank you.

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