Fall League

Fall League Information

Why play in the Fall League

* Quality facilities and officials
* Quality opponent
* Game day updates with scores and recaps on www.bbnbasketball.com
* Schedule posted on www.bbnbasketball.com
* End of the season playoffs
* Gate/concession support the host sites

Cost: $475


* HighSchool 2 games each Sunday, Middle School 2 games on Saturdays, 20-minute halves.

* September 29-30, 2018
* October 6-7, 2018
* October 13-14, 2018
* October 20-21, 2018
* October 27-28, 2018
* November 3-4, 2018 (make up date)


* Skehan Rec Center 7 Main Rd N, Hampden, ME 04444

* (HHS) Hermon High School, 2415 Route 2, Hermon, 04401
* Hermon Elementary School, Billings Road, Hermon, 04401

* Hermon Middle School, Billings Road, Hermon, 04401


* Boys & Girls High School & Middle School Teams

We welcome all school, club and travel teams.

League Rules

League Rules

* 1 & 1 after 7 fouls only. Double bonus on/after 10 fouls.
* 5 min warm up.
* 3 min halftime.
* 1st overtime 1:30 seconds.
* 2nd overtime Sudden Death.
* 3 timeouts per game.
* All personal and team fouls will be kept by home team scorekeeper.
* Team listed first is the home team.
* 5 fouls – During non-playoff games, a player will be allowed to continue only if the team is shorthanded and the opposing coach agrees. For each foul that player commits, the opposing team will be awarded 2 free throws and the ball back. If the player commits a shooting foul, the opposing team will be awarded 4 free throws and the ball back.

Coaches & Players

Anyone receiving two technical fouls will be asked to leave the building. Anyone ejected will be asked to leave the building and will forfeit their right to coach or play the remainder of the day and the following week for any and all teams. We will strictly enforce this rule.

Teams are asked to provide their own scorekeepers, clock keepers are provided by the hosts.

Fall League Schedule