Boy’s Schedule

2018 BBN Spring Teams

Please confirm by leaving a private message on our facebook page or email

*The fee for middle school teams playing instate only is $375. For your convenience, payments can be made on this website under the shop tab.  Checks, make out to Black Bear North and mailed to 70 Hermon Heights, Hermon 04401.

*Middle School to 9th, If you are on Coach Henderson., Coach G., Coach Travon 7th grade team., Coach Gentle/Marseille 8th grade team., Coach Aaron P., Coach J. Williams., Coach Gabbianelli’s team, you will pay $450. This covers everything, including the uniform. Please make payment ASAP so uniforms and the first tournament fee can de ordered.

*We offer a $50 family discount.

*If you have any question, please private message us on our facebook page or email

Thank you for continuing to choose BBN. This is our 10th year and it seams to get better every year.


Coach Morrison

3/4 BBN-Gray

Kaden Good
Camden Morison
Ethan Curtis
Cater Wiggins
Tyler Corson
Westley Bragg
Landon Smith
Nate Sullivan
Tyler DePuy
Chase Jensen

Coach Wuggy

4th BBN-White

Rajon Reed
Wyatt Chandler
Trey Rhodes
Parker Neal
Boo Boo Philips
Gaige Farrar
Elliot Straubel
Josh Sirois
Jovin Pesek
Jackson Towie

Coach Hurd

4th BBN-Black

Zubayr Toms
Brody Hurd
Avery Jordan
Quincy Mitton
Seth Bowden
James Brocato
Kobe Hills
Andrew Oliver
Liam Vigue
Xavier Michaud
Coach Fogg 5th
Zach Woodman
Thomas Jude
Hunter Boles
Bryden King
Nick Johnson
Collin McDougal
Hunter Bennett
Jacob Towne
Hollis Grindal

Coach Kevin


William Francis
Benjamin Francis
Madden Henderson
Dylan Burpee
Noah DePuy
Colby Burlock
Jackson Smith
Jalen Reed
Coach Chad 5/6
Byson Parroitt
Conrad Straubel
Zac Allen
Branden Wass
Jacob Ponte
Jacob Breton
Curtis Brown
Cody Bailey
 Thadon Gentle

Coach G. / Travon

7th Grade

Malachi Cummings
Landen Gabric
Tyler Russell
Ethan LecLerc
William Kursnierz
Wyatt Stevens
Pat McConnell
Liam McConnell
Michael Harris

Boys 7/8 T. Gentle

Kayden Kimball
Justin King
Ellis Spaulding
Jadon Gentle
Bryce Connor
Wyatt Newell
Nigel Tall
Brady Reynolds
Anthony Smith

Coach G.

8th BBN-White

Brian Sachs
Jackson Grover
Mason Grund
Noah Miles
Seth Robbins
Zepherin Leppanen
Noah Yarema
Aaron Lynch
Carter Rice

Coach C. Gentle/Fritz

8th BBN-Black

Micheal Brigman
Hunter Burpee
Isaiah Gentle
Jaedon Sockbesin
Andon Wood
Luke Briggs
Trey Brown
Andrew Rideout
Aaron Newcomb

Coach Kirk – 9th

Jaeden Henderson
Jacob Davis
Evan Ackley
Logan Stanley
Keith Lilly
Brayden Cole
Bradey Kennedy
Parker Ponte
Casey Downs
Bradley Gilbert

Coach Aaron P – 9th

Logan Martin
Robbie Dorman
Casey Messer
Jeremy Fraisier
Cameron Kiagsbury
Chance Clark
Zach Vincent
Jason Pyles
Brett Kusnierz
Luke Ames

Coach J. William

HS Boys

Josh Ketchen
Jaron Gentle
Coleman Brown
Myles Brown
Nathan Mason
Parker Cole
Osiris Marable
Will Russell

Coach Travon

Junior Elite

Travis Spell
Isaac Varney
Derek Collin
Drew Shea
Hyatt Smith
Daniel Garamvolgyi
Mat Glidden
Tyson Gray
Alex Brown
Bryce Gilbert

Game Schedule


Coach Morrison, Coach Wuggy, Coach Hurd, Coach Fogg, Coach Kevin Reed, Coach Chad, Coach T. Gentle

March 24-25 Northern NE Championships, Biddeford Maine
Easter Off!!!
April 7-8 Maine Hoops States, Saco Maine
April 15 YES! Challenge, Portland Maine
April 28-29 Maine States AAU, USM Gorham Maine
April 22 Maine Hoops Event
May 5-6 BBN Maine Open
Extended Season optional

Coach G./Travon, Coach Gentle/Fritz, Coach Kirk, Coach Aaron P, Coach J. Williams, Coach team Schedule

March 24-25 Northern NE Championships, Biddeford Maine
Easter Off!!!
April 7-8 Gold Rush Classic MA
April 14th-15th, 2018: ZG Buzzer Beater Classic NH
April 28-29 Maine States AAU
April 22 Maine Hoops or local event
May 5-6 BBN Maine Open
Extended Season optional

Coach Travon Jr Elite

March 24-25 Northern NE Championships, Biddeford Maine
Easter Off!!!
April 7-8 Gold Rush Classic MA
April 14th-15th Buzzer Beater Classic NH
Live Period events
April 21-22 Basketbull MA
April 28-29th Live Period event Basketbull MA
May 26th-27th, 2018: NERR Super 16
June 8th-10th, 2018: Boys National Finals, MA

Coach Fritz Seniors

March 31 HS Stars vs BABC (MBR) @ South Portland
April 14-15 NERR Northeast Hoops Fest
April 21-22 New England Championship Hanover, MA
April 28-29 Hoop Group (Spooky Nooky), PA
May 12-14 Providence Jamfest (RI College), RI
May 26-27 NERR Super 16, CT